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Who We Are

q_iconWe are a team of passionate clinical, systems and administrative healthcare experts who have been improving health care processes and clinical outcomes. We know how to exceed the urgent needs and expectations of our customers and the knowledge solutions (see Leadership), and Quality and risk management, patient safety and clinical outcomes experts who have devoted their careers to establishing the relationship between optimal processes of clinical care and financial outcomes; and A team of information technologist experts and health care data scientists, partnered with the most powerful strategic technology platform in the world, who know how to bioengineer the:

Digital transformation of health care & health

Q's Passion

Most of the clients of our predecessor companies came to us because they were facing steep challenges. We were forced to use manual processes originally to collect data to understand those challenges, identify root causes and potential solutions. We have evolved through our own development of technology to now rapidly empower our clients with that technology to transform from their steep challenges by making data-driven decisions for results driven successes.Q’s entrepreneurial, insightful and innovative leaders believe our technology can be used as the free-enterprise solution to heal the health care system and optimize health while satisfying the needs of government reform.

Q's Experience

Q evolves from 35+ years of measuring and evaluating the quality and safety of medical care in hundreds of American hospitals, physician groups and health maintenance organizations by thousands of providers to hundreds of thousands of patients, while generating retained revenues for our clients. Q’s predecessor companies have been tasked with determining knowledge solutions from data, not generating data for its own sake. Actionable wisdom results from knowing what data elements are essential and which data dimensions are not, where that data resides in existing disparate databases, and the significance and clinical, operational and financial implications and solutions result from knowledge derived from the QualOptima clinical intelligence system.

Q's Subsidiaries

Quture International, Inc. is a Nevada corporation publicly traded as OTC: QUTR (Q). Q owns the intellectual property, its technology (whether coded or licensed by Q) and clinical content including its performance and outcomes measures (metrics as numerators & denominators), risk and fitness factors, evidence-based optimal clinical processes of care, and the algorithms for analytics. Q owns all right, title and interest in its technology product QualOptima.Q is the majority shareholder in a series of subsidiary companies that are engaged in the commercial value proposition of businesses related to the QualOptima technology.subsidiaries

Quture, Inc.
is the operations company of Q contracted exclusively to market & sell, license, distribute, install, train and support the QualOptima product (a Nevada corporation).
Quture Euro, LLC
is the operations company of Q contracted by Quture, Inc. for all operations in Europe and Africa specifically but generally outside North America.
QualVal Solutions, LLC
is the consulting company of Q contracted exclusively bundle QualOptima technology with consulting services (a Florida limited liability company).
Qx Health
is the yet-to-be-formed personalized/individualized company as frequently described in press releases of Q, which is actively engaged in the formation of this subsidiary, its customer segments, value proposition, and potential mergers and acquisitions to fast-tract formation; Qx Health’s relationship to Q anticipates the changing medical delivery and payment models.
Health Villages
is the yet-to-be-formed virtual communities of consumers of healthcare to become proactively engaged in their health, wellness and fitness with predictive measurements, remote monitoring devices, Internet behavior modification tools, and the vectors that will impact patients more engaged in their health and the selection of their providers and treatments.
is the corporation of expert panels of physicians and clinicians, as well as related areas of expertise such as biostatisticians and bioengineers, who exclusively consult through Q and provide leadership and innovations to the corporation, subsidiaries, customers and strategic alliances. These experts predominantly are the leadership in research and education conducted by the Institute for Healthcare Quality & Value (IHQV), a 501(c)(3) corporation founded by Landon Feazell and John Marren, J.D., an owner of Hogan & Marren in Chicago, Illinois. (See Meet Q’s Doctors)

Q's Management & Leadership

Q’s Management and Leadership Teams are divided among the parent company, Quture International, Inc., (“Q”) publicly traded as OTC: QUTR, and subsidiary companies with majority ownership held by Q. As Q transitions from strictly a technology development company to a robust operations company with its QualOptima technology, the management and leadership are positioned in the parent and subsidiaries to take maximum advantage of their individual and collective skill sets.

G. Landon Feazell
Chairman & CEO, Quture International, Inc.
Chief Innovations Officer, Quture, Inc.
Janice J. Ophoven, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Quture International, Inc.
Sherif Elfayoumy, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Quture International, Inc.
Ron Truxton, M.S.
Chief Software Architect, Quture International, Inc.
Chief Technology Officer, Quture, Inc.
Keith A. Candiotti, M.D.
Medical Director, Product Design & Development, Quture International, Inc.
Judith Daugherty, Ph.D.

G. Landon Feazell

Landon Feazell is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quture International, Inc.

Keith Candiotti, M.D.

Dr. Candiotti led QualOptima product design and development through testing in a formal ...

Ron Truxton

Mr. Truxton brings expertise and experience for commercialization of the QualOptima Clinical Intelligence System.

Martin Scott

Mr. Scott has extensive experience before and after forming his consulting company