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Technology Solutions

q_iconQuture’s (“Q”) first-to-market clinical intelligence software is the complete solution for all constituents of healthcare and wellness seeking optimal outcomes and value. Quture’s products and services deliver the most effective use of data and technology to improve patient care and achieve/maintain health. Q’s QualOptima Connectivity & Analytics System operates on best of breed technology:

  • Capturing data electronically from disparate databases, including all proprietary electronic medical records, using a powerful interface engine with coded API’s
  • Integrated with data from narrative text captured by natural language processing (NLP) technologies
  • Aggregated into a single database platform, called “Qualytx”, whose architecture uniquely formats data and analytics using patient-specific calibrated performance and outcomes metrics
  • Connected to smartphones and smartwatches by mobile apps and to remote patient monitoring devices
  • Across a patient engagement platform for connectivity and continuity by the spectrum of health care for personalized and individualized care integrating patient-generated data
  • Analyzed and displayed in a unified system with algorithms for retrospective, concurrent and predictive analytics developed on a single platform, “baked in, not bolted on”

Quture’s technology is the complete solution for data integration from disparate sources and analytics. QualOptima provides leading interoperability and connectivity for both retrospective and ultimately real-time patient management and clinical decision support. QualOptima is the strategic solution for delivering value and optimal outcomes, built from the ground up for this strategic purpose as the data and analytics layer that supplements the tactical patient care electronic medical record.

QualOptima Strategic Health Informatics Technology Platform

QualOptima operates on the InterSystems HealthShare® strategic software informatics platform. Quture’s Application Partnership with InterSystems Corporation, Cambridge, MA is based on our commitment to HealthShare® as our health informatics platform. HealthShare® unifies the power of Cache® as its database architecture with integrated functionality for strategic interoperability, connectivity and analytics. The Cache® platform performs with lightning-fast speed, massive scalability and robust reliability. The Cache® new generation database technology provides multiple modes of data access, so that data described once in a single integrated data dictionary is instantly available using object access, high-performance, and powerful multidimensional access.

QualOptima’s “Qualytx” database is developed by Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy on the Cache® advanced technology platform with strategic interoperability, connectivity and analytics for actions and knowledge solutions – within a single facility or practice, across a hospital network and physician practice group, across multiple providers such as Accountable Care Organizations, or across the healthcare system off an entire nation.

The Qualytx database architecture embeds Quture’s Core Intellectual Property as a system of apparatus and our DaTA method© for specific uses by multiple users:

Figure 1. Quture Core Intellectual Property of QualOptima system and method for evaluation of performance and outcomes measurement strategic value optimization based on scientific metrics calibrated by patient-specific risk factors and analytics implementing clinical variables.

Data fields are mapped data table structures, if necessary, using Erwin mapping technology to assure the accuracy of data sources tested for numerators and denominators of applied metrics.

Figure 2. Illustration diagram of table structures in disparate databases as mapped using Erwin mapping.

The data collection and integration functionality of QualOptima relies on InterSystems’ Ensemble® the interface engine. Quture’s competitive advantage is created in part by Ensemble’s interoperability across existing customer application databases seamlessly. QualOptima’s range of technologies uses InterSystem’s unified “single stack” architecture, twice as fast compared to previous generations of integration products. Traditionally, analytics is used with structured data, “slicing and dicing” numbers. With the powerful business rules processing of Ensemble®, the learning intelligence automatically develops actionable insight and experiential knowledge.

Application programmed interfaces (API’s) capture data strategic to measure clinical performance and outcomes. QualOptima’s common data platform aggregates clinical data integrated with billing, claims and revenue-cycle financial and operational data.

The InterSystems HealthShare platform is a unified system, not only to capture and integrate data, but ultimately for analytics and data display in dashboards and reports using its DeepSee® technology and Zen Mojo® programming for mobile applications across QualOptima’s patient engagement platform.

Q’s QualOptima Connectivity and Analytics Platform embeds Quture’s machine reading and learning technologies, including both conventional semantic learning [such as natural language processing (NLP) requiring pre-define dictionaries of trigger words or phrases using Boolean logic] as well as unsupervised learning to identify and learn from important concepts and relationships within unstructured data.

The QualOptima Difference

Quture’s core competence in clinical knowledge and content developed over 35 years of measuring clinical performance and outcomes is embedded in the Qualytx database for data collection, integration and aggregation. QualOptima implements evidence-based optimal clinical and operational processes with evidence-based scientific, patient-specific calibrated metrics. QualOptima will be capable of supplementing evidence-based data with experiential data in its true clinical intelligence system.

QualOptima is the strategic solution to supplement tactical, patient-centric electronic medical records. QualOptima analytics are specifically developed for this strategic solution from the ground up. Quture’s expertise – knowing what to measure, where that data resides in disparate databases, restructured data to information in care and patient management plans, how to convert that data to knowledge, and how to make that knowledge from analytics actionable – is embedded in the QualOptima solution. QualOptima is the complete solution for strategic value optimization, optimal outcomes, patient management and engagement.

Q’s Machine Learning & Strategic Analytics

The QualOptima clinical intelligence systems captures and performs analytics on integrated structured and unstructured data, using Quture’s proprietary machine learning and analytics technologies running in parallel with InterSystems Ensemble® interface engine and DeepSee® on the Qualytx database in Cache®. QualOptima embedded technology operates in parallel with Ensemble® to capture structured and unstructured data to unlock the valuable information from narrative text using Quture’s machine reading and learning.

Analysts estimate that as less than 15% of healthcare information is in structured fields of electronic medical records. Before QualOptima, organizations have not been able to derive benefits from data in discharge summaries, history & physical examinations, operative reports, radiology and pathology reports, doctor’s note and “comments” for structured text fields because it is difficult, time-consuming, and costly to analyze. Quture’s expertise and QualOptima innovation evolves from manually reading and abstracting massive but anecdotal clinical data from hundreds of thousands of patient records for external peer review, clinical performance and outcomes engagements. QualOptima embedded machine reading and learning includes both:

  • Semantic text learning, such as natural language processing (NLP) requiring pre-define dictionaries of important words or phrases using Boolean logic
  • Unsupervised learning technologies that identify and learn from hidden and potentially unrecognized concepts and relationships.

Traditionally, analytics is used with structured data, primarily claims-based data by vendors other than Quture, normalizing, slicing and dicing numbers. When QualOptima is combined with the powerful business rules of Ensemble®, the learning intelligence automatically derives actionable knowledge from insight.

QualOptima operates on the HealthShare® technology platform, so its unified system uses the DeepSee® embedded software for easy-to-use, enhanced transactional analytics, both retrospective and real-time. Quture’s proprietary algorithms are developed in DeepSee® Architect for QualOptima analytics. By eliminating data warehouse requirements, Quture gives users insights exactly when and where they need they them. This permits rapid user-friendly selection or development of dashboards and graphic analytics.

Quture’s proprietary and unique data displays have been developed from hundreds of clinical performance and outcomes engagements, now embedded for interactive, user-customizable dashboards. The QualOptima data analytics, search, display and reporting functionality permits users to access information – “actionable wisdom” – vital to their work.

QualOptima's Big Data Analytics

QualOptima performs the total array of machine learning and big data analytics. Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence that employs advanced mathematical and computational systems to reveal information from large data sources, commonly for the purposes of prediction and discovery.

“Big data” is a term with no set definition, mainly because the meaning of “big” changes with advances in technology. More devices and more data inputs are becoming part of our everyday lives, from social media to wearables, smartphones and smartwatches, sensors and remote monitoring devices applied in health care and fitness. Big data technology involves combining machine learning, data mining and machine-based algorithms with a variety of technologies, such as unsupervised learning (analyses that seek to find hidden patterns within the data), natural language processing (NLP)(analyses enabling computers to derive meaning from human language and thus extract knowledge from documents), graph analytics (analyses enabling computers to understand relationships and patterns using a method of portraying data in three-dimensional space and as nodes rather than rows and columns), and Hadoop (a programming framework that supports the processing of massive data across many computers).

Big data refers to analyzing large quantities of data (high volume) with data variety at high velocity is called “big data,” with the three (3) characteristic “3 V’s” of volume, variety, and velocity. QualOptima relies upon the InterSystems HealthShare technology platform for the capacity to rapidly accumulate the high volume from a wide variety of data with the capacity at extraordinary velocities and analytics for discovery, communication and use of patterns in data.

QualOptima’s solutions empower all constituents in the health and health care enterprise to make better decisions. QualOptima is the strategic solution to optimize value from patient-centric performance and outcomes measurement using clinical data in value-based relationships to financial and claims data. Calculating value in the quality and cost dimensions of health and care delivery and employing predictive models from big data are the future of transforming to value-driven, pay-for-performance delivery and payment models. Big data must also be used for real-time patient management for evidence- and experience-based, individualized/personalized care, engaging patients with remote monitoring and patient-generated data in concert with clinical decision support applications.

QualOptima Population Health & Patient Engagement

Quture’s Application Partnership with InterSystems is now focused on utilizing new Zen Mojo programming – an extension of InterSystems Zen™ – as a set of Caché classes that allow Quture to rapidly build modern user interfaces for mobile and desktop web applications. QualOptima maintains functionality on multiple platforms essential to web and mobile application extensions of Quture’s user benefits. QualOptima’s data platform, programmed in Zen Mojo, is the technology for Quture’s clinical decision support tools, integrating data from enabled patients with their mobile applications and remote monitoring devices. Personal data collection, both active and passive, empowers people to engage in their own health and health care.

QualOptima is not only an analytics system; it provides connectivity across the health and health care enterprise for all customer segments. Quture’s DaTA© method empowers these constituents with data transformed to knowledge to achieve optimal clinical, operational, financial, and health outcomes.

Q’s QualOptima is programmed to empower population health in a unified system relying on the DaTA method© for specific patient verticals, such as chronic and acute conditions, cancer, pediatric, and elderly.

Thought leaders such as Eric Topol, M.D. predict there is a coming seismic shift in health and health care data access, from initiatives such as the “Blue Button,” digital transitions of care requirements of Meaningful Use, and other requirements of Meaningful Use in Stage III of the HITECH Act. Patients will finally get direct access to their existing health and care data in electronic format. In current conditions, health and health care data is accessed only with permission of software vendors, such as electronic medical record vendors, who charge even their healthcare provider customers for access to their patient information stored on their servers and in proprietary data tables and structures. Once data can be transported into reformatted personal health data on an engaged patient platform, active/passive health and health care data is developed at individual patient levels, the connectivity system using the QualOptima DaTA method© will evolve with these changes.

Another significant thought leader, John Halamka, M.D., thinks of the most effective use of data and technology through the lens of continuous wellness rather than treating episodic sickness. He asks: how do we keep a patient healthy in their homes, experiencing the activities they enjoy, instead of visiting healthcare facilities when they are feeling less than perfect? He also thinks in terms of organizing principles of today’s modern “app” ecosystem that thrives on the social networking, mobile technologies, analytics (big data), and cloud computing.

The QualOptima Connectivity & Analytics System is designed to engaging patients with their care providers and payers across a connected platform of integrated data, empowered by knowledge for optimal value and outcomes.

Quture Application Partnership with InterSystems

Quture is an Application Partner of InterSystems Corporation, Cambridge, MA. Q’s QualOptima product is developed on the HealthShare Foundation enterprise engine. InterSystems has customers in over 100 countries with 80% of top hospitals in America currently utilizing its technology.

The QualOptima product was proven in a proof-of-concept, statement-of-work relationship with InterSystems as a formal Clinical Trial under the supervision of Keith A. Candiotti, M.D., at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, in Miami, Florida. InterSystems software engineers collaborated with Quture’s experts in the design and development of the QualOptima disruptive and transformative technology taking maximum advantage of the interoperability and connectivity benefits of the InterSystems HealthShare® strategic platform.

Quture’s core competence and value proposition lies in its embedded evidence-based metrics, clinical content and analytic algorithms developed from over 35 years of measuring performance in hundreds of hospitals, physician organizations and HMO’s, by thousands of physicians and clinicians to hundreds of thousands of patients.