Reduce Costs

Revenue enhancement results from productivity while qualifying for performance and value-based incentives. Health care has not had the technology to electronically obtain clinical data, apply analysis, and provide clear, actionable insight to improve clinical processes of care. Quture products will dominate performance measurement and analysis to reduce costs while improving care for all stakeholders.

The relationship between health care performance, outcomes and money is critical to the future of health care and the national economy. Quture products will have enormous impact as one of the most dominant tools to solve the complex bases of that issue. In America alone, $1.3 billion in annual payments to physicians and hospitals are at stake.

Health care has worked in a “fee for service” payment system. Providers get paid the same money for delivering poor care as excellent care. Patients, payers and regulators have known little about the quality of care being delivered. We know more about buying a Tommy John collectable baseball card from eBay than we do about the surgeon performing complex surgery. Quture’s technology, analytics, and clinical knowledge system will know what people want to know – what works and what doesn’t work – and who does that well with the best outcomes and for a reasonable cost. Value will become the basis for both delivery and payment for health care. That’s why the new payment system is called value-based purchasing and pay-for-performance.

Health care now exists as an unsustainable model in an era of limited resources while the demand for services increases as the baby boom generation ages. Market forces that will drive rapid adoption of performance measurement are in place. Performance measurement is now mandatory; from hospital accreditation standards to new payment incentives and structures in legislation and published final rule regulations.

Quture will become the industry standard by delivering its product in patented SDKs (standard development kits) including performance and outcome data for pennies on the dollar for every billing transaction. The technology and clinical content function of the Q’uture business plan resembles E-bay, where vendors open their own stores and use Q’uture’s SDK applications and data to create and expand shared revenue.