Improve Quality

The Quture products provide clinical performance measurement using evidence-based and published metrics in health care. Technology solutions allow Quture to capture and integrate these measures from any electronic medical record or clinical software product, no matter the vendor.

In this evolving environment of electronic medical records and clinical software products creating massive and disparate databases, performance measurement with Quture products is now possible by using sophisticated interface engines available to integrate data for revolutionary analytics and actionable insight.

Performance measurement is the “transformative tool” and is widely accepted as the cornerstone in the drive to improve health care quality. It will be used to transform hospitals, physician groups, insurers and government agencies, using clinical knowledge from measuring performance against evidence-based process models. Quture products are the ultimate tool for performance measurement. They will chart the future course of this new, most insightful and empowering movement to improve quality and significantly reduce adverse events.

Performance measures are mathematical formulas to determine if an expected action was performed or if an expected outcome was achieved by key clinical interventions in an evidence-based clinical process. Clinical processes anticipate actions to diagnose, treat, and assess the result of these actions. Performance measurement formulas calculate numerators and denominators interspersed where they occur in evidence-based optimal clinical processes of care. The denominator is a calculation of the total number of patients as specifically defined in the performance measure.

“Measures of clinical quality are specific quantitative indicators to identify whether the care provided conforms to established treatment goals and care processes for specific clinical presentations.” Institute of Medicine