Exceed Compliance

Government agencies and healthcare regulators and accrediting bodies are imposing an ever increasing and demanding array of different initiatives requiring compliance and offering new financial incentives and even penalties focused on improving quality, preventing patient harm, and reducing costs. In the never-ending battle to comply, why not get all the quality and performance and payment information you need – to really have actionable insight from enterprise performance measurement.

Quality initiatives have been subjective, incremental and anecdotal. Even so, the burden on providers has been overwhelming and is rapidly imposing new and exponentially increasing regulations and incentives with millions of dollars at stake. At the same time requirements for reporting quality and measuring performance for credentialing doctors are being monitored for accreditation, the payment system is rapidly moving past pay for performance to value-based purchasing to new payment models like Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and health homes. Organized medicine and government and quality organizations are publishing performance measures. All stakeholders in health care are scrambling to implement new systems to satisfy these demands and to comply. Old solutions to hire FTEs to abstract data manually are no longer cost effective. Traditional electronic billing code based software products simply cannot provide the tools providers require in today’s operating environment.

It is time for a new solution. The Quture products immediately comply with Joint Commission requirements for Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE-OPPE) for practitioner-specific, privilege-specific credentialing. They also introduce a revolutionary advanced peer review, proctoring, and trigger monitoring technology - exceeding compliance for FPPE-OPPE, In the brave new world of electronic data sources and evidence-based optimal clinical processes, with recognized clinical performance measures adopted from medical specialty organizations and published extensively in the literature, Quture’s products are simultaneously focused on capturing, integrating and analyzing clinical data anticipated for new payment systems and provider models.

Quture’s competitors are scrambling to repackage old products that use billing codes primarily attempting to use ‘black boxes’ and derive quality from codes never intended for that purpose. Quture products capture existing clinical data from any and all EMR and software products, no matter the vendor. We use published valid clinical performance measures to improve care, reduce costs, enhance revenue, and truly minimize risk of harm to the patient and professional liability from adverse events.