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Quture Information Technology Partner Q’Zure, LLC

image1Q’Zure, LLC is a software and technology development company specializing in the health care / wellness market but with customers, experience and expertise in many market segments.

Q’Zure was formed to help companies express their intellectual capital in software code and related technologies for database analytics, machine reading and learning, and data generated in Internet applications, smartwatches, remote monitoring devices and mobile applications. Q’Zure works with its customers to facilitate their recognition of their intellectual property (IP) and secure ownership expressed and published in code and patents.

After years of subcontracting with independent software and technology developers, Q’Zure discovered the need for shared innovation and development risk. Vendors, especially qualified companies, are more focused on projecting schedules and, inherently costs, to support their enterprise rather than their customers. The Q’Zure business model greatly reduces the development and commercialization costs associated with rapid and exceptional product innovation and engineering our customers’ software and technology portfolio.

Strategic and tactical technology platforms have emerged with extraordinary functionality and capacity. In the emerging era of “big data” and analytics, this becomes extraordinarily significant for volume, variety and velocity capacity and performance. Q’Zure works in all technology platforms and assists it customers in that selection; however, we specialize in development on the InterSystems platforms.

Q’Zure is a dynamic blend of innovators, entrepreneurs, project managers, software and process engineers, clinicians, change-agents, marketing and social network experts, revenue model innovators, business and finance experts, as well as investment groups and counselors. Every project begins with the expertise Q’Zure brings to the project, valuing the personal investment our customers have already devoted to their business for “going to market” from a local to global opportunities.