Market and regulatory forces are changing the fundamental way healthcare is delivered, measured, and paid for. Quture is a transformative tool that will assist our clients in addressing fundamental changes underway. The future is Quture.

Quture Transformative Tool


Current Future with Quture Unacceptable Alternative
Payment / Financial Risk Fee for service code based payments Performance incentive & value based payments Financial shortfalls & uncertainty
Quality Measurement Billing codes & length of stay data Clinical performance Reactive vs. proactive management & clinical performance
Outcomes Measurement Peer review Performance measurement Compliance failures & patient dissatisfaction
Best Practices Quality measured against the mean Optimal evidence based measurement Measurement deficiencies
Risk Management Risk mitigation Risk reduction of adverse clinical events Increased liability exposure
Administration & Medical Staff FTE & medical staff committee Enterprise dashboards Data requirements overwhelm capability
Information Management Data locked in multiple vendor products Performance data electronically integrated Non compliance and expensive data collection


QualOptima – Performance measurement & analytics

QualOptima captures, integrates, and analyzes performance measures from clinical data system-wide for multidisciplinary performance of physicians, practitioners, nurses and the entire inter-disciplinary team in all hospitals departments.  QualOptima contains the Quture proprietary library of performance measures, with precisely defined numerator and denominator specifications.  Selected metrics populate Quture’s proprietary and comparative Qualytx database.  Data is displayed in both reports, using proprietary display formats, and dashboards for real-time point of care and retrospective analytics. Without the system, abstracting exponentially increasing performance data is prohibitive and extraordinarily labor intensive.  QualOptima captures 100% of these data fields from existing clinical data in disparate databases, providing:

  • regulatory compliance (including Joint Commission focused and ongoing professional practice evaluation, FPPE-OPPE, hundreds of millions from federal incentives, Meaningful Use, and the total array of quality reporting initiatives for hospitals and physicians);
  • data that will be required for payment (pay-for-performance and transitioning to new payment arrangements for value-based purchasing and new entities such as accountable care organizations); and
  • risk avoidance from liability for negligent credentialing and class action law suits; and
  • clinical process improvement (and therefore care), and to reduce costs and increase net revenue.

While other vendors repackage old products proclaiming to measure performance based primarily on billing codes – quality analytics and improvement products that have proven not to improve quality or to give actionable clinical insight.  Quture is the only vendor licensing performance measurement electronically capturing existing numerator and denominator data to integrate the hundreds of measures being published internationally:

  • from any electronic medical record and all electronic sources of clinical data
  • to transform data to information to knowledge with our analytics
  • measuring against optimal evidence-based clinical processes – across the spectrum of provider systems.

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QSurg – Surgery center EMR with embedded performance measurement

QSurg is a fully developed and tested electronic medical record product for surgery centers. This product is the only EMR with a fully functional performance analytics application embedded in the workflow and data capture. The QSurg EMR introduced capturing patient data at point of care in the operative and patient care areas. The product has been developed with surgery centers and extraordinary surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses from ambulatory surgery centers to replicate work flow and structure data entry while uploading every available data source from scheduling, billing, and inventory software to perioperative physiology patient monitors. As CMS transitions to value-based purchasing for surgery centers, QSurg is the only viable solution for electronic data capture and analytics for performance measurement, optimal clinical processes, and quality reporting.

QSurg is the electronic medical record (EMR) for surgery centers and hospitals, eliminating storing paper and having patient data readily available at point of care, measures performance focused on efficiency and effectiveness (such as OR turnover times) and absence of complications (such as infection rates), enhances revenue, and improves patient safety and outcomes. Operating on tablet PCs as well as desktops, including Motion tablets designed for the perioperative environment, QSurg is designed for the new electronic requirements of surgery centers and physician specialty surgical facilities.