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Optimal Clinical Outcomes

q_iconQualVal’s traditional consulting strength in clinical performance and outcomes improvement are superior and unique. Big data and strategic analytics using QualOptima technology more rapidly and effectively can be accomplished with QualVal consulting services, both for versions 1 & 2 with actionable insight and data-driven decisions. Evidence-based clinical process will be rapidly transformed using experience-based insights to optimal clinical outcomes. Our system of personal risk and fitness factors aligned with performance metrics using clinical data [not billing codes/administrative databases] from disparate EMR and vendor systems with Q’s embedded clinical content, metrics and analytics empowers providers and payers to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Big Data Strategies & Planning

Actionable wisdom from insights by integrating clinical data with administrative data will become the future wave for all healthcare enterprises. While QualVal’s expertise and QualOptima’s peer review module are unparalleled, Q is committed to using new healthcare data science technology to transform quality, risk and credentialing methodologies rather than clinging to outdated processes and the software.

Implementing Optimal Clinical Processes

Optimal clinical outcomes result from data-engineered processes of care given by skilled and experienced clinicians. Collaboration between physicians and other clinical practitioners with nursing and allied health professionals is critical to optimal outcomes. QualVal brings extensive expertise to agreement to implement evidence-based optimal processes and transforming to experience-based clinical processes. With our continuous measurement tools, adoption of innovations and insight is simply the way collaborative care becomes the culture of the enterprise.

Clinical Services Design for Engaged Patients

As consumers become more engaged in their care, expecting their own data from remote monitoring devices and preferences for diagnostic and treatment modalities, QualVal brings superior expertise and tools to the inevitable changes in care delivery and payment systems. Population health will become more individualized rather than “one size fits all.” and wellness will dramatically interfere with patterns of overuse of medical services. Wide variations in the way physicians practice growingly concerns patients and is at the heart of the healthcare cost crisis.

Intelligent Real-Time Patient Management Systems

Coming upgrades and applications of QualOptima will provide technology tools for real-time patient management. As QualVal expertise from systems designed around air traffic control models, the bundled consulting with technology will bring innovative real-time patient management clinical decision support to optimal clinical processes. Q is developing clinical decision support tools that will bring insight for individual patients delivered at point of care with the “Q button”.