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New Health Analytics, LLC

New Health Analytics, LLC

New Health Analytics, LLC is an amalgam of SMA Informatics Partners LLC, the business of Warren Brennan and the business of Dr. Louis Rossiter, as well as the company NHA which they own together doing business as New Health Analytics, an LLC organized under the laws of Virginia (NHA).

As a healthcare data and software development corporation, NHA knows how to use online information and communication services for customers to foster the flow of clinical and financial information across diverse clinical sites of care. Most importantly, their system supports valid performance benchmarking. NHA saved its customers time with online solutions that acquire their own data and combine it with relevant external data. NHA tools quickly and easily assess and convert the data for analysis and action.

NHA’s design, staffing and plan of operation is based on the recommendations and requests from a national customer base of hundreds using decision support tools and their associated data sets. NHA licenses massive claims data sets from states and national governments and entities. They have a well-developed secure and scalable data warehouse, automated internet-based data query, ad hoc or super-user internet-based data query, contract analysis and pay-for-performance support, metrics for adherence to medical treatment guidelines and, most importantly, advanced benchmarking capabilities that can be tailored to your needs.

NHA offers hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, integrated delivery systems, health plans and physician organizations a complete health information system for clinical integration. The Company helps its customers with day-to-day needs for data analysis to succeed with managed care companies, accountable care organizations and pay-for-performance systems. NHA enables the way its customers:

  • Share clinical information
  • Coordinate treatment between primary care physicians and specialists; apply medical treatment guidelines
  • Monitor the adherence of practitioners compared to others

With NHA’s expertise in analytics and economics, The Company offers a new healthcare information system that combines a data warehouse with an analytical workstation that can be implemented in weeks, not months.

As a healthcare data and software development corporation, we know how to use online information and communication services for customers to foster the flow of clinical and financial information across diverse clinical sites of care. Most importantly, our system supports valid performance benchmarking. We save you time with online solutions that acquire your own data and combine it with relevant external data. Our tools quickly and easily assess and convert the data for analysis and action.

NHA currently offers three (3) basic product solutions.

The first solution, known as CiManager®, helps hospitals and hospital networks, assess, identify and demonstrate improved quality and outcomes, monitor measures of performance and patient safety and uncover key areas for financial and operational efficiencies.

The second, known as PCA Plus™, provides hospitals and hospital networks with healthcare planning, strategic management, and market research for benchmarking current operations, forecasting and improving productivity and profitability by detailed service lines. Over the years, we have augmented the internal capacity of hospitals, physician organizations, health plans, life science organization, medical device companies, associations and foundations with the analytic power available from the huge statewide patient-level databases we routinely maintain.

The third, known as SOIX® is for ambulatory surgery centers to benchmark, procedure by procedure, their clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction for accreditation, risk management and improved patient outcomes

The Co-Founders chief executives of New Health Analytics are:

Warren T. Brennan, MHA – Chief Operating Officer

Warren is a co- founder of NHA and manages the company’s operations including data management, technology development, reporting, and customer relationships. Prior startups in which he participated include Med3000, the largest surviving privately owned physician practice Management Company in the U.S.; Coastal Physician Group, a NYSE listed company involved in physician practice management and staffing; and, a NASDAQ Company focused on healthcare data operations and market research. His professional career in healthcare began with service in the US military including a tour in Vietnam as executive officer of a 350 bed evacuation Hospital and then a tour as a management aid to the US Army Surgeon General. His consulting experience evolved from a role as a senior executive with Touche Ross. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Masters in Health Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University and attended the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine as a doctoral candidate.

Louis F. Rossiter, PhD – Chief of Scientific Methods

Lou is a co -founder of New Health Analytics and oversees all data integrity, HIPAA and research initiatives for new analytics. Prior to co founding NHA, Lou was a Research Professor at the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy at The College of William & Mary. He is the author of 14 edited books, 1 sole -author book published in 2001 on Medicare reform, over 50 journal publications on health economics and policy, and a monograph on rising healthcare costs. Lou was previously the Secretary of Health and Human Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the first director of the Williamson Institute for Health Studies at the Medical College of Virginia (MCV) Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, and served as Deputy for Policy to the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). He recently served as Chairman of the Board on the Coalition for Health Services Research and on the Board of Academy Health. He has served on numerous boards and advisory groups including the Board of Regents of the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health and the National Advisory Council of the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Lou received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his bachelor’s degree from Lenoir-Rhyne University.

When the Strategic Alliance of NHA with Quture was announced, Dr. Rossiter was quoted in the following statement. “Collaboration with Quture advances our product offerings and sales opportunities. We believe the clinical performance and outcomes methods, technology, and metrics of Quture integrated with NHA methods and technology provides exponentially advanced product offerings to our customers. The commitment of NHA to its health care analytics, ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE), and surgical outcomes (SOIX) provide dramatic opportunities for our companies to hospitals, surgery centers, physicians and payers.”