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Health Data Science-Driven Enterprise Management

q_iconHealth care as an industry has long-suffered from the impacts of dysfunctional “disorganized” organizational structures, patient-care models not focused on caring for the patient, and a perverse payment system. The overall QualVal enterprise management consulting services focus on the root causes and health data science to cure each of these three (3) strategic imperatives to achieve optimal clinical, operational and financial outcomes. As provider care delivery and payment models drastically change with rapid velocity, the solutions to solve the urgent needs of our customer segments will logically and tactically rely on healthcare data science and new sources of clinical data from QualOptima.

Enterprise Management With Health Data Science

Each QualVal customer enterprise can be improved with health data science through analytics for optimal outcomes – clinical, operational and financial. Healthcare providers need the connectivity and analytics of QualOptima as a common data platform across their structural and organizational silos. As ownership boundaries of hospital systems blur (and physician practices are purchased) and become insurers, new entities such as accountable care organizations become operational, and delivery and payment becomes focused on outcomes, QualOptima is the first-to-market technology to empower solutions to these challenges. Personalized and individualized health further provides incentives for branding and increasing revenues. Insurers, whether health or medical malpractice, can transform their operations and outcomes by integrating claims data with clinical data.

QualVal can guide a selection of opportunities to dramatically transform client enterprises with expert resources for data collection and analytics strategies using the technology of QualOptima. Big data and strategic analytics empower our clients with actionable insight for data-driven decisions for results-driven success.

Curing Dysfunctional Organization Enterprises

Hospitals are challenged with the fragile balance between their organization, leadership and employees and the leadership and medical staff organization. External expert consulting can facilitate commitment and agreement on strategies for healthcare data science to influence optimal clinical processes. Hospital strategies to achieve reliable optimal outcomes are imperative to future successes.

Just because a hospital or health system is well-known or even well regarded in a particular service doesn’t mean it has the brand equity to influence decisions in those critical consumer choices where factors like co-insurance and narrow networks loom large.

Curing Clinical Variation & Sub-Optimal Outcomes

Wide variations in care and outcomes have long persisted in health care. However, recent published and prominent studies demonstrate the insights into variations in low-performing and high-performing providers. A study demonstrating a five-fold difference in hospital rates of obstetrical complications is an example of dramatic movement to transparency that will drive purchasers and patients to select providers with optimal outcomes. QualOptima integration of clinical performance and outcomes data with claims and administrative data with robust big data opportunities makes QualVal the easy choice for actionable wisdom to meet the challenges of these strategic imperatives.

Patient-Centered Care Solutions for Individualized Care

Patients are becoming more engaged in their care, focusing not only on their chronic conditions but on maintaining their wellness. Shifts in payment models for telemedicine, remote monitoring devices, and tools that will guide patients not only in their care but the selection of the clinicians diagnosing and treating them will drive patient-centered care from a slogan to reality. The physician customers of QualOptima will want the guidance of re-engineering their practices for both care and revenue opportunities that will impact their practices. And hospitals will want to brand their organizations focused on marketing based on optimal outcomes at favorable costs.

Bad Outcome | No Outcome | No Income

David Nash, MD, recognized for his visionary leadership in population health at Thomas Jefferson University, was recently quoted from a presentation to Allscripts employees boiling the law known as Obamacare down to a simple phrase: “No outcome, no income.” QualVal adds a second simple parameter to this formula: bad outcome, no income. This is equally significant for medical malpractice carriers and self-insured hospital trusts. And public perception of healthcare organizations with tarnished reputations from highly publicized medical errors further dramatically influences income based on outcomes.