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q_iconHere are some of the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for in the three (3) sections below. Quture will add new questions and answers periodically and attempt to answer questions that appear regularly from this website Engage with Us – Submit Questions – or from our Investor Relations number (866) 503-7025.

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When and how was Quture International formed?

In 2011, the Founder transferred certain intellectual property and software code into Quture, Inc., a Nevada corporation, now the operations company of Quture International, Inc. (“Quture”). Quture was formed by a reverse merger with Techs Loanstar, Inc. (then trading as ticker symbol TCLN), wherein Quture became the substantially controlling stock interest of TCLN. The Official name change to Quture International, Inc. was completed and approved by FINRA as announced on February 22, 2012. Quture was approved by FINRA and commenced trading under the new OTC ticker symbol QUTR effective September 5, 2012.

How is the company organized?

The operating company of Quture International, Inc. is Quture, Inc., a Nevada corporation formed in 2011. Quture, Inc. innovates, develops, markets and sells, trains and supports the product QualOptima. Any license of use of QualOptima is exclusive through Quture, Inc. The consulting subsidiary QualVal Solutions, LLC, a Florida limited liability company, owns the exclusive rights to QualOptima for consulting engagements, with an extensive array of services to the healthcare industry. International marketing has been ongoing through Quture Euro, a Florida limited liability company beginning in Portugal and Spain and more recently in Italy.
A personalized medicine subsidiary (tentatively named “Qx Health” has been under development for several years, primarily envisioned to capture a significant share of the engaged patient and population health market with novel innovations (some in development, others through M&A or licensing). The potential for virtual villages for personalized medicine and health is represented on the organizational chart as “Health Villages”.

Quture has long enjoyed extensive professional relationships with physicians in all medical specialties, key to our development of optimal clinical processes and the essential elements of clinical performance and outcomes. These QualPro panels also include experts in patient safety, root cause analysis (FMEA), predictive risk factors and biomarkers, analytics and machine reading and learning as examples.

Several of the principals in Quture also lead the research and educational efforts of the Institute for Healthcare Quality & Improvement (IHQV), which is not affiliated with Quture but shares research and educational interests and focus on the future of healthcare quality and outcomes.

Does Quture have a strong management team?

The diverse skills and extensive experience and expertise of the management team are fundamental strengths of Quture (see Meet Our People under About Quture).

Who are the members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Boards of Quture?

Since the change of the Chief Financial Officer to an interim contract position, the Board of Quture is the Chief Executive Officer. Board appointments are anticipated after filings are current. An impressive group of advisors have been identified and are being organized into a Scientific Advisory Board and Business Advisory Board under single leadership of a combined chairman and then chairmen of each of these boards.

Is ZenZuu USA a subsidiary of Quture?

When Quture, Inc. acquired Tech Loanstar, Inc. in 2011, the company replaced ZenZuu USA, Inc. at its operating company. The residual of ZenZuu USA, Inc., which acquired Tech Loanstar as of February 10, 2010, also in a reverse merger transaction, remained in what is now Quture International, Inc. However, Quture never agreed to assume the debts of ZenZuu, which is an inherent issue in the delayed SEC filings and requires extensive document review by legal counsel for appropriate actions.

Why are Quture’s filings with the SEC delinquent?

When Quture retained legal counsel with the Roetzel firm in Fort Lauderdale and Martin Scott to assist in our filings as interim independent contractor, we announced that the delay in filing has been to examine and take appropriate action regarding previously reported, undocumented debt in its previous merger with Techs Loanstar (trading as TCLN), as well as material changes in the condition of the Company and several affiliations in that merger. As the result of vigorous efforts to obtain the documents, work papers and information necessary to complete the filings, in part resulting from the previous auditor no longer being registered by the PBOAC, we have experienced extreme delays in getting past work papers and information necessary to accurately file, as well as make informed decisions to take those appropriate actions as announced.

What is Quture’s vision?

QualOptima is the strategic clinical knowledge solution to augment the tactical electronic medical records products. Quture will empower clinical knowledge derived from provider and patient data, continuously learning for optimal clinical, operational and financial outcomes and shared decisions for optimal health and wellness.

What is the QualOptima product and what does it do?

We call QualOptima a CONNECTIVITY and ANALYTICS platform, because that is the exact description of the value proposition for the product – across the array of customers as shown on the Quture Infographic. Most experts in the software technology business understand and derive value from the power of the product database. QualOptima is the perfect technology for use as an experiential learning platform. The Institute of Medicine several years ago announced the goal for healthcare providers to become learning organizations. QualOptima captures data and integrates that into its Qualytx database from disparate databases of providers to patient generated data from remote monitoring devices and wearables. After the Blue Button mandate of Meaningful Use makes data accessible from all providers directly to the patient, QualOptima integrates that data into patient-specific care plans. Unique programmed code with scientific algorithms for patient-specific risk factors calibrating performance and outcomes metrics – to learn from experience with patients, to make that data and predictive insight available to both the physician and patient for informed decisions. Wellness and earlier identification of disease progression and interventions are the future of medicine and for QualOptima.

Why is QualOptima a unique software technology?

QualOptima is unique and very different in the healthcare marketplace for many disruptive technology innovations, such as: capturing actual clinical diagnostic, treatment and assessment data from both structured (e.g. drop-downs) and unstructured (narrative text), into it DaTA© database and analytic structure, measuring performance and outcomes data calibrated by patient-specific risk factors (not “risk adjustment” from billing codes), analyzing predictive risk factors collected into the database to study novel biomarkers for earlier disease progression or onset for interventions, and machine learning from big data technologies, while providing the ultimate regulatory software to exceed requirements.

When will QualOptima achieve its potential?

When fully developed with extensive clinical content from optimal clinical processes and measures at key nodes in the continuum of care, QualOptima will provide real-time clinical decision support that is truly innovative and the future of healthcare quality – measured by performance and outcomes. Quture is currently engaged in funding several new patient applications to build-out our intellectual property for development and prototypes to demonstrate QualOptima value in real-time for decisions and treatments.

How many people are employed by Quture?

Quture now works primarily with independent contractors, and some of them are in the company bios on this website. As we become operational to support installations and grow sales, we have a hiring plan that you will begin to see under Engage with Us for Careers at Quture. Those searches have been underway, and some initial hires are eminent. Key people will all share our vision and commitment to optimal performance, outcomes, analytics, decisions and health. Some hiring is targeted, but other hires will also be posted in places such as LinkedIn.

Who are Quture’s customers? What market segments does the product serve?

Quture’s Go to Market Plan began with demonstrating the value of QualOptima to healthcare providers, primarily hospitals and physicians. Next, Quture began demonstrations to healthcare companies such as medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies that are investing in technologies, especially around big data and early disease interventions. Healthcare medical malpractice insurers are next in the marketing strategy, moving rapidly to patients and the array of customers on the Quture Infographic.

Why does Quture have a consulting subsidiary?

Potential customers during initial sales efforts have asked Quture to provide our traditional consulting services to assist them in transitioning from peer review to performance and outcomes measurement. We also have extraordinary business opportunities for the QualOptima Connectivity & Analytics System with potential businesses other than healthcare providers that are immediate and lucrative. As Quture introduces its new technology to health care, with the inherent measured pace of early adoption, these other customers provide excellent technology demonstration opportunities as well as immediate revenue. The essential element of QualVal is that the only way for a customer to have access to QualOptima with rapid adoption of all its capability, QualVal’s exclusive license to QualOptima keeps those consulting engagements where we can assure the performance of our technology and provide optimal value to the customers.

Why is Quture so interested in personalized, individualized medicine?

The future medical model will rely less on general diagnostic and treatment approaches and relying more on personalized risk factors supported by biomarkers and treatment modalities specific to the exact condition of the patient. “Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.” As remote patient monitoring and patient generated data is available for treating physicians and clinicians, and big data mines and learns from that data, this is the perfect opportunity for the connectivity functionality of QualOptima. And in the coming era of individualized care plans, taking into account personal preferences and incorporating patient data transferred into those care plans using the Blue Button, the future is Quture.

Why has Quture worked with ExcelCare for so many years on care plans?

Even before Quture was formed, we were working closely with Dr. Judy Daugherty, one of the leading experts in the world in care plans and the founder of one of the most exquisite software products used internationally for nursing care plans. The profound difference in that technology is that it generates expected outcomes that are measurable. One of Quture’s success stories is the demonstration of those care plans in preventing hospital-acquired conditions (HAC’s). Quture continues to develop its care plan strategy and technology in a product incorporating the science of Dr. Daugherty with the work of Dr. Donald Vickery to dramatically increase life expectancy and to empower people to feel better, enjoy optimal wellness, and protect themselves as much as possible from serious diseases like cancer and progression of their chronic conditions.

Is the QualOptima technology patent protected for its extensive intellectual property?

On April 30, 2015, legal counsel filed on behalf of Quture the provisional patent application “A System for Quantification of Health Care Quality and Predictive Healthcare Value, Quality and Outcomes of Healthcare of an Individual Patient” to protect our core intellectual property. The claims include the core intellectual capital proven in the formal Clinical Trial at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine and Jackson Memorial Hospital under the direction of Keith Candiotti, MD, Executive Vice Chair & Chief Operating Officer, Vice Chair, Clinical Research, Department of Anesthesiology. Landon Feazell, Chairman & CEO of Quture discussed the significance of the intellectual capital in the patent at length. “Last year in a keynote speech at HIMSS, the then President of the American Medical Association explained the need for a data and analytics layer that sits on top of electronic medical records, pulling data from multiple sources for analytics and to connect people, providers and payers to essential clinical information. Data is just that until analytics transforms it to knowledge, and just as important, until that insight is used to improve care and outcomes while reducing costs in health care. The reason healthcare quality and patient safety have not improved significantly is because the technologies that have existed didn’t provide that knowledge and insight. They have used billing and claims data, not even entered until the patient is out of the hospital or left the physician’s care. QualOptima is based on the performance and outcomes measures developed by organized medicine, precise numerators and denominator metrics. Quture technology is different because we first calibrate those performance and outcomes metrics to the specific patient’s predictive risk factors for patient-centered care and analysis. Our analytics system is based on over 35 years of reviewing the care at hundreds of hospitals by thousands of physicians to hundreds of thousands of patients. The IP in the patent filed is the complete solution we have been developing over those years, now with standardized metrics that can be used retrospectively for value-based payment, to improve quality and patient safety but ultimately in real-time for patient care and management. With Quture’s big data analytics technologies, the insight from the QualOptima system exceeds our expectations to transform care and value-driven payment for services. Physicians will use the data to increase their revenues with PQRS data, while hospitals will use the data to comply with Joint Commission Standards for performance evaluation and outcomes improvement. QualOptima will connect every customer segment in health, wellness and health care to clinical information essential to them. What we know from manually developing such insight is that with the QualOptima electronic data capture technologies, Quture’s solution provides the clinical knowledge to understand and change the extreme variances in patient outcomes and the cost for that care — to achieve optimal value in health care and optimal health of individual patients.”

As the free enterprise solution to improving health and health care while reducing costs, Quture is positioned through its disruptive technology to become the foremost global provider of patient-centric, value-based clinical intelligence and knowledge solutions. Additional patent claims are made in the application require the core IP, so Quture envisions future patent filings for a patent “thicket” of interlocking patents with Mr. Kincart. Quture is aggressively pursuing funding to complete development of prototypes for proctoring use of medical devices, a peri-operative outcomes application, expanding predictive risk factors to wellness and fitness factors (engaging patients using smart watches and remote patient monitoring), patient-centered individualized care plans, machine learning for big data analytics, and a personalized medicine subsidiary.

“These prototypes in development rely on the intellectual property in this initial patent application,” said Feazell. “We intend to file subsequent patents definitely stating the claims inherent in the complete solution envisioned for the QualOptima data and analytics platform and expanding on the claims in this patent application.”

Does Quture have current sales and installations of its QualOptima software?

Quture is approaching marketing and sales to early adopters with demonstration installations first using our big data, machine reading and learning technologies. The first challenge to prove the product value of Quture is to take advantage of how we collect and capture data, then running our powerful analytics on the integrated data. We started with physician requests for the product to deliver the next generation of performance and outcomes data for them to receive maximum payment for services by reporting their PQRS data. Then we continued working on physician needs in obstetrics to optimally manage pregnancies. At the same time, we are working with radiologists and orthopaedic surgeons to machine read and learn from radiographic images. These projects are at the request and funded for specific customers. Our installations to date are on cloud servers where Quture does not have to train users but relies upon QualVal Solutions to use the QualOptima software. At the same time, for previously announced sales, we are vetting cloud server vendors to install the peer review and clinical performance on servers to make the QualOptima v.1.3 product available at the most reasonable cost possible and to assure product performance in a controlled environment. Quture is beginning to receive revenue from these installations as we transition to an operations company licensing its software as a service (SaaS).

What is the publicly traded company and ticker symbol for Quture common stock?

Quture International, Inc., incorporated as a Nevada corporation in 2011; the common stock ticker symbol is QUTR.

Where is Quture traded?

QUTR common stock is traded on the OTC: QB but now trading as pink due to current non-reporting status.

How many common shares are authorized and issued?

Currently 2,500,000,000 shares of common stock are authorized, of which 2,486,076,963 are outstanding and 13,187,662 are reserved.

Who are your independent auditors?

DKM Certified Public Accounts, 2451 North McMullen Booth Road, Suite 308, Clearwater, FL 33759 – PCAOB Registered and AICPA Member.

Who is the Quture transfer agent?

VStock Transfer, LLC, 77 Spruce Street, Suite 201, Cedarhurst, NY 11516

How can I ask investor relations questions regarding QUTR?

Quture maintains an investor relations contact number with messages sent directly to the company by calling (866) 503-7025. This website provides an online form for questions and questions are welcome to be submitted to

How can I invest in Quture other than purchasing stock on the open market?

Quture is not offering any Private Placement Memoranda at this time. However, there are investment opportunities in Patent Secured Loans with full repayment with interest and a very favorable royalty stream for product IP return on investment. The initial core IP will be considerably strengthened by future patent filings for a patent “thicket” of interlocking patents Quture is aggressively pursuing funding to complete development of prototypes for proctoring use of medical devices, a peri-operative outcomes application, expanding predictive risk factors to wellness and fitness factors (engaging patients using smart watches and remote patient monitoring), patient-centered individualized care plans, machine learning for big data analytics, and a personalized medicine subsidiary. Quture intends to file subsequent patents definitely stating the claims inherent in the complete solution envisioned for the QualOptima data and analytics platform, incorporating and expanding on the claims in the initial core IP. For more information, please contact