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Expert Resources

Expert Resources

q_iconQ recognizes the massive challenges facing healthcare decision makers from strategic imperatives for:

  • Measurement of performance and outcomes for compliance with operations of Focused and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE-OPPE)
  • Value-based purchasing (VBP) payment changes based on pay-for-performance (P4P)
  • Public access to performance and outcomes data for low to high-performing hospitals down to levels of complication rates in service lines and medical specialties
  • Meaningful use (MU) requirements, particularly for Stage 3 by the HITECH Act
  • Transition to patient-centered, personalized, individualized care of engaged patients
  • Outcome-driven results of care from optimal clinical processes in a connected delivery model, changing both delivery & payment systems of health care

Facing each of these challenges is best accomplished with QualVal, which consults from unique performance and outcomes data generated by QualOptima. Consultation engagements beginning in the 1990’s have resulted in knowing the needs of our customers and developing the technology that has not existed for actionable insight to knowledge solutions.

Value-driven results demand collaboration between management, physicians, clinicians, nurses and their patients, payers and insurers as never before and in an ever increasingly competitive and regulated market. QualOptima is the first-to-market technology to solve these challenges; bundled with consulting services from our expert resources for QualVal Solutions consulting, Q’s products and services are exponentially more valuable to our clients for rapid adoption of innovations. QualVal’s unique knowledge and access to additional technologies from Q’s strategic partners is an additional incentive to contract our services.

Expert Resources for Optimal Operational Outcomes

QualVal consultation facilitates achieving optimal operational outcomes by transforming existing organizational structures with knowledge from the integrated analytics of health data science. The QualOptima common data platform crosses the traditional boundaries with data for analytics available with tools specific to those silos but not confined by those silos. QualVal is the right decision for providers who commit to become true learning organizations.

Expert Resources for Optimal Clinical Outcomes

QualVal’s traditional consulting strength in clinical performance and outcomes improvement are superior and unique. Big data and strategic analytics using QualOptima technology more rapidly and effectively can be accomplished with QualVal consulting services, both for versions 1 & 2 with actionable insight and data-driven decisions. Evidence-based clinical process will be rapidly transformed using experience-based insights to optimal clinical outcomes. Our system of personal risk and fitness factors aligned with performance metrics using clinical data [not billing codes/administrative databases] from disparate EMR and vendor systems with Q’s embedded clinical content, metrics and analytics empowers providers and payers to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Expert Resources for Optimal Financial Outcomes

Bad Outcome | No Outcome | No Income

QualVal brings experience and expertise to the transition to value-driven health care, now empowered with the analytics of QualOptima. As organized medicine prepares for performance-based payment with precise clinical performance metrics, providers face the strategic imperative to engage in the cost and quality relationship – in operations, clinical processes, and their impact on financial outcomes. The economic consequences of the cost of health care are forcing America to change dramatically and with more velocity, creating the urgent need of providers to adopt new strategies relying on the technology of QualOptima.

Strategic Alliances for QualVal Expert Resources

QualVal expert resources are provided by employees and independent contractors to Q, as well as specialized consulting services from Q’s Strategic Alliances. Most of our Strategic Alliances also own and license intellectual property and technology products. QualVal consultation engagements offer unique opportunities with the combined technologies of QualOptima with compatible technologies.

QualVal also offers expert resources with unparalleled insight into vendor technologies, such as electronic medical records where they have provided implementation consultation. Knowledge of such installations and training in EMR use provides QualVal clients with immediate expert knowledge of the systems they are already using for ease of QualOptima integration.

QualPRO Expert Clinical Panels

Q’s QualPRO panels include expertise in the many dimensions of healthcare outcomes, including:

  • Physicians and clinicians in every medical specialty and professional license
  • Nurses and nursing administrators and nursing information technology
  • Quality and risk management including peer review, performance measurement, and related current clinical competence and proctoring
  • Information technology including interoperability and connectivity
  • Clinical process engineering, root cause and FMEA analysis
  • Biostatisticians and bioengineering specialists in health care