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Ron Truxton

Mr. Truxton brings extensive expertise and experience for commercialization of the QualOptima Clinical Intelligence System. As Quture transitions from product development to an operations company with marketing and sales, installation, training and support, he is responsible for leadership in technology, as well as product. He brings over 15 years of experience in pre and post- sales support, with excellent business acumen and the ability to sell into dynamic markets. As a former programmer with technical expertise, Ron has unique ability to write scripts and with QualOptima on the InterSystems strategic technology platform. He brings broad and deep expertise and experience in product positioning and will supervise programmers as Quture’s Chief Software Architect.

Ron is committed to Quture’s vision and value proposition to improve outcomes in health care. Organizations are looking beyond standalone systems and finding ways to connect fragmented healthcare ecosystems. This enables unprecedented capabilities to provide the right care at the right time for a new class of healthcare services. Helping disparate stakeholders and systems to securely and effectively use knowledge in new ways—sharing clinical and administrative data across and among healthcare organizations—is the core of Mr. Truxton’s expertise, experience, and professional goals. He is profoundly conversant on healthcare integration and interoperability.

Mr. Truxton was an InterSystems Corporation Sales Engineer from 1998 through 2012, where he provided technical sales assistance in all facets of the InterSystems’ product line for its customers. He participated in business and detailed technical discussions at all levels and in all departments of the customer’s organization to foster the adoption, use and deployment of InterSystems’ technologies giving corporate presentations and demonstrations to InterSystems’ customers and prospects at site visits, marketing events and such venues. Topics included strategic and tactical technical and business directions and technical product demonstrations.

Prior to InterSystems, Mr. Truxton was a sales engineer and systems integrator for three other software companies in Massachusetts. Since his employment with InterSystems, he has led Gydder, Inc., a healthcare solutions provider including InterSystems technology, as their contract Business Development Manager. Ron led their progress to become a remarkable revenue-positive company.

Mr. Truxton holds the Master of Science degree in physics from Tufts University.

G. Landon Feazell

Landon Feazell is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quture International, Inc.

Keith Candiotti, M.D.

Dr. Candiotti led QualOptima product design and development through testing in a formal ...