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Joseph P. Kincart, J.D.

Joe is a practicing attorney specializing in formulating business objectives and developing strategic Intellectual Property plans, on a domestic and international basis. He has developed patent portfolio strategies, prosecuted patent applications and litigated in matters directed to semiconductor designs and manufacturing processes, financial systems, trading systems, computer aided design systems and numerous hardware patents in the computer and data processing fields. Joe is the Founder of Ideation Law, PLLC, and the Independent Patent Advancement Company (iPAC).

He served as General Counsel – Patents for Johnson & Johnson where he led a team developing an IP protecting biocompatible micro-sized computing platforms and contact lens based computing solutions. His experience also includes serving as Senior Counsel at the New York Office of the Clifford Chance Global Intellectual Property Group for development of intellectual property portfolio strategies, licensing of intellectual property, patent prosecution, litigation support and general legal counseling.

Joe received a B.S with Distinction majoring in Information Systems from Pace University in 1990 and a J.D. from Pace University School of Law in 1996. He is admitted to practice law in New York State and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Part of Joe’s formula for success is his belief that projects, people and collaborations are all needed for an organization to be successful. His natural inclination is to sort out the worthwhile and aggressively develop it.

Independent Patent Advancement Company

Joe and iPAC are committed to innovation driving our economy. Knowledge has value. iPAC helps companies quantify their knowledge and innovation into discrete assets with real value. iPAC recognizes that what its clients know may be its most valuable asset. iPAC was formed to help companies recognize their Intellectual Property and secure ownership of it. iPAC assists well-run companies to know what may be patented, how to maintain Trade Secrets and how Branding that may be protected with Trademark.

iPAC collaborates with its clients to provide Invention Disclosures or ready to file Patent Applications. This model greatly reduces the legal costs associated with building your IP Portfolio. iPAC also collaborates with experts in the Financial industry that may assist in valuation, financial modeling and building an investor deck. iPac has developed relationships with firms that have a deep understanding of finance and who may assist in company financing. Similar partnerships are in place for marketing services and human resources.

Joe and iPAC are advisors to Quture for a well-maintained IP portfolio to give a clear definition of the relevant innovation, brands, products, and designs held by the Company and its Founder, so that each asset in an IP Portfolio must add a known value to the business. IP Assets must form the basis for decisions made by Executive Management, since most company value is wrapped up in what a company knows and how well it protects its knowledge. Quantifying Intellectual Property Assets consists of (1) generating Invention Disclosures/Patent Applications, (2) quantifying Trade Secrets, (3) identifying and protecting Trademarks/Service Marks, (4) organizing copyrightable material such as computer code, (5) providing Investor Review Packages of Intellectual Property Assets, and (6) reviewing and ensuring licensing agreements are up to date.

Ron Truxton

Mr. Truxton brings expertise and experience for commercialization of the QualOptima Clinical Intelligence System.