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Judith K. Daugherty RN, PhD

Dr. Daugherty moved to Daytona Beach and actively participated in every phase of the design, development and testing of QualOptima, as well as the Q business. She brings extensive technology and business acumen to Q, as the owner and international commercialization of Excelcare. The Excelcare product is the leading software for nursing care plans and the optimal documentation system for nursing expected outcomes. Judy is instrumental in researching and compliance with federal and Joint Commission standards and reporting requirements, including pay-for-performance and value-base purchasing. She designed and implemented the demonstration project at Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital for use of QualOptima to integrate nursing performance measurement to reduce hospital-acquired conditions.

Her role on the Q Management Team includes the design and implementation of Q’s system for researching, maintaining and warehousing clinical performance and outcomes metrics. Dr. Daugherty is instrumental in the development of QualOptima, focused on an integrated system of nursing with physician clinical performance and expected outcomes. In her area of hospital administration expertise, she focuses on use of technology and data analytics to reduce hospital-acquired conditions (HAC) and readmissions.

Dr. Daugherty co-founded Excelcare, Inc., in 1984 and serves as its President/CEO. The Excelcare product introduced innovative nursing software technology for five functions: Planning/Clinical Pathways, Documenting, Quality Management, Staffing and Costing. The Excelcare product has been successfully marketed and implemented in the USA, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Dr. Daugherty has served in a consultation role for Lockheed Martin Federal Systems Health Division, CareGroup System (Boston) and Price Waterhouse Senior Management Consultant in hospital and nursing engagements.

Prior to Excelcare, Judy was Associate Administrator, Mercy Hospital (PA). She has organized, sponsored and/or presented at domestic and international professional education seminars for all levels of healthcare professionals, as well as being Adjunct Professor (Nursing): Hunter College (NY, NY) and University of Pittsburgh (PA) and Professor (Masters Nursing Administration Program): Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA). Her community service includes being Past Chairman of PA Board of Directors, American Heart Association.

G. Landon Feazell

Landon Feazell is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quture International, Inc.

Ron Truxton

Mr. Truxton brings expertise and experience for commercialization of the QualOptima Clinical Intelligence System.