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Janice J. Ophoven, M.D.

Janice Ophoven, M.D. is a pediatric forensic pathologist with over thirty years of clinical, administrative and quality improvement experience. With QualVal, she pioneered measuring performance against evidence-based optimal care and structured implicit quality and outcomes analytics. Jan’s experience of over 20 years with Q’s predecessor companies includes collaboration, development/implementation of what is now Q’s QualOptima product and consulting services. Jan’s leadership is central to Q’s methodology to electronically collect and integrate clinical patient risk factors, performance and outcomes data. She has led the QualPRO experts for the medical model and for Q’s explicit electronic analytics. Her extensive expertise parallels the Quture promise to convert limited manual performance measurement processes into electronic data collection and analytics.

Dr. Ophoven is a consultant and nationally recognized speaker and educator on quality improvement of health care systems and on forensic pathology. She has worked with physicians, clinicians and hospital systems at organizations, such as Children’s Hospital-St. Paul, and Allina Health System, Minnesota to improve quality system-wide.

Her own consulting firm, the Crackelberry Group, enjoyed national recognition for its leadership in hospital enterprise and quality management prior to her return to forensic pathology, Ophoven M.D. and Associates in St. Paul. Crackelberry developed the enterprise dashboard at Montefiore Medical Center of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York. The unique skills her team perpetuates are in developing social capital with physicians for buy-in and trust to achieve rapid diffusion and adoption of Q’s performance and outcomes innovations. Her work with Q is central to the Clinical Trial of QualOptima at Jackson Memorial Medical Center, University of Miami. Jan and her team coordinate with physician specialists in QualPRO to expand clinical content and functionality beyond anesthesiology for all medical specialties.

Through years of experience, Dr. Ophoven has pioneered an innovative and successful evidence-based model that draws on medical science and practicing clinicians to identify risk and challenge barriers to successful medical care. Q’s clinical knowledge solutions stem from Dr. Ophoven’s collaboration with Landon Feazell’s best practice models, designed for the entire array of constituents, focusing on optimal evidence-based clinical processes of care, measuring performance at key intervals, and measuring outcomes for results-driven care.

Jan has worked with Q’s predecessor companies since the 1990’s. She not only shares our vision for the product, she has been an architect central to the science inherent in its design, algorithms and analytics, and clinical content. QualOptima now mimics electronically the science she employed manually in external peer review engagements for 100’s of hospitals and systems, HMO’s, physician groups and practices, governmental agencies, and insurance companies, involving 1000’s of physicians and hundreds of thousands of patients.

Dr. Ophoven received the M.D. degree from the University of Minnesota, where she was a resident in pediatrics, as well as a residency in anatomic pathology with special training in pediatric pathology. She is board certified by the American Board of Pathology, the American Board of Forensic Pathology, and the American Board of Quality Assurance & Utilization Review.

Ron Truxton

Mr. Truxton brings expertise and experience for commercialization of the QualOptima Clinical Intelligence System.

G. Landon Feazell

Landon Feazell is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quture International, Inc.

Keith Candiotti, M.D.

Dr. Candiotti led QualOptima product design and development through testing in a formal ...