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G. Landon Feazell

Landon Feazell is recognized for his leadership, innovation, and expertise in clinical performance and outcomes measurement and developing technology on the best strategic technology platform for healthcare analytics and big data. His innovative systems have transformed manual processes through information technology utilizing optimal evidence-based clinical content to translate data into clinical knowledge solutions. Mr. Feazell’s publications in 2003 are considered sentinel for the “quality-value proposition,” signaling value-driven changes now underway in healthcare delivery and payment models for all customer segments in the digital transformation of health and health care.

For over 40 years, Landon’s companies have developed and implemented clinical knowledge solutions. His consulting and technology engagements are in 100’s of hospitals and systems, HMO’s, physician groups and practices, governmental agencies, and insurance companies, involving 1000’s of physicians and hundreds of thousands of patients. His extensive knowledge of the health and healthcare market, his strategic alliances and professional relationships, as well as his expertise in transforming data to clinical knowledge solutions are among the valuable intellectual property assets he brings to Q. The IP of Q results from the immeasurable and extensive research, discovery, transformation, and solutions for healthcare entities in root cause analysis, risk management, quality science processes, implementation of optimal clinical processes, medical staff by-laws, and policy adaptation and adoption.

Landon developed the first-to-market peer review software product in the 1990’s, funded by a major medical malpractice company. QualOptima results from his engagement by the New York State Attorney General developing clinical data to defend the Governor and state agencies using clinical performance metrics and algorithms for analytics in the care of almost two thousand HIV/AIDS patients. Working with Dr. Janice Ophoven and then with Dr. Keith Candiotti on the clinical care model, Q’s intellectual property is now embedded in QualOptima.

He has insightful experience and expertise in medical malpractice and medical device litigation, consulting with distinguished defense and plaintiff law firms, medical malpractice insurance companies and hospital system self-insured trusts. These evidentiary clinical and strategic matters give him a unique perspective and understanding of medical errors, patient safety and proactive risk management, and quality, risk and credentialing in health care. His leadership and coordination of the QualPRO expert panels have been instrumental and relied upon in a wide array of venues, including grants for analyzing health care costs, clinical audits, and financial analytics.

Landon is a frequent speaker on medical-legal matters for organizations such as the Hospital Insurance Forum, on quality and patient safety for hospitals and medical malpractice companies, and performance measurement for groups such as The Performance Institute and IQPC. He has led and participated extensively in development and teaching of specialty-specific, evidence-based, as well as proactive strategies for clinical performance improvement and implementation and measurement of optimal clinical processes to achieve optimal outcomes and for patient safety.

Mr. Feazell’s undergraduate degree is from Duke University, and his graduate studies in medical sciences were at the University of West Virginia Medical Center, then law at the University of Denver, College of Law, where he served as Chairman of the National Conference of Law Reviews.

Keith Candiotti, M.D.

Dr. Candiotti led QualOptima product design and development through testing in a formal ...

Ron Truxton

Mr. Truxton brings expertise and experience for commercialization of the QualOptima Clinical Intelligence System.