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Consulting Solutions

Consulting Solutions

q_iconQuture offers a complete suite of healthcare consulting services bundled with its strategic technology platform, the QualOptima Connectivity & Analytics System. QualOptima empowers clinical performance enhancement to achieve optimal patient outcomes. These consulting services leverage the technology solutions of Quture’s products at significantly reduced costs. Rather than invest employee FTE capital in learning technology, health data science, and improvement plans from complex systems requiring extraordinary skill sets, customer segments of Quture may determine that it is more beneficial and ultimately more cost effective to outsource processes offered by Quture consulting services.

Quture acquired QualVal Solutions, LLC (QualVal) as its consulting subsidiary to take advantage of over 35 years of experience, expertise, and clinical content developed from hundreds of consulting engagements, primarily for external performance and outcomes measurement, peer review, and clinical process improvement. The vast experience and expertise of QualVal derive primarily from quality and patient safety engagements. QualVal, nationally recognized for innovative leadership and expertise in healthcare quality and risk management, is now expanding its core expert panels (QualPRO) for enterprise management consulting services. The expertise of QualVal and QualPRO results from pioneering external peer review in the 1980’s and developing and implementing the most powerful and insightful peer review product available in health care in the 1990’s.

QualVal began electronically capturing and integrating data from disparate databases into its peer review product in the late 1990’s. Simple data transfers, like patient demographic data to populate basic patient information and ICD-9, DRG and CPT billing codes, expedited data entry and eliminated entry errors. In an engagement in Austin, Texas, QualVal learned that OR software could be captured to answer the pervasive question: ‘what are the operative and corresponding anesthesia times?” The solution was ultimately to identify and license the best interface engine in health care for these purposes.

In an engagement for the New York State Attorney General’s office in litigation against the Governor for alleged sub-optimal HIV/AIDS care, QualVal learned how to measure performance with precise scientific metrics (published by the New York State AIDS Institute). But the data collection process was still manual from paper records. QualVal recognized the need for technology innovations to convert manual paper chart review to the potential of electronic data capture and integration from disparate databases. These realizations coincided with the adoption of electronic medical records, along with other niche software products, calling for even more interoperability of the interface engine. The HITECH Act with extensive funding for EHR purchases and the requirements of Meaningful Use provide massive sources of electronic data for QualVal’s consulting services bundled with technology solutions.

During this same period, the payment method based on value rather than the perverse fee-for-service payments, now incentivizing reporting outcomes for transparency and payment increases and penalty reductions, supports QualVal’s transition from peer review to performance and outcomes measurement. Patient-centric, personalized/individualized care and the focus on wellness rather than treating episodic illness also drives the urgent need for QualVal’s consulting services with big data analytics.

QualVal Solutions offers a complete suite of health care consulting services supported by the QualOptima breakthrough technology and analytics platform, exclusively available through Quture. The vision of QualVal is to connect all consumer segments in the global health and health care community to clinically- and financially-focused data transformed through analytics to knowledge that empowers data-driven decisions for results-driven success.