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Enterprise Value Management - QualOptima for Healthcare

Enterprise Value Management Understanding the QualOptima Platform

Our QualOptima Health Informatics Platform has evolved from Quture’s extensive consulting engagements.  Quture is different from our competitors offering information technology products based on 40+ years of being responsible for identifying solutions to poor patient outcomes.  To recommend any treatment or prospective process of care, Quture developed the most sophisticated and robust system of data collection and analytics in health care.  Accurate diagnosis including thorough root cause analyses are essential to identifying and evaluating potential solutions.

Quture’s most recent consulting engagement provides extraordinary insight into how we have developed QualOptima to empower Enterprise Value Management (EVM).  We were on-site using our original peer review software product reporting to the hospital’s senior management and board of trustees.  The hospital’s medical staff had peer reviewed over 500 cases of suboptimal outcomes, consistently finding “care appropriate” without any opportunities to improve.  Quture’s QualPRO expert panels of medical specialty physicians identified opportunities to improve in every case, as well as suboptimal clinical performance in over 80% of the identified cases.  Quture’s system of clinical indicators further identified five (5) times as many significant cases of suboptimal outcomes for the same period of time from the hospital’s database.

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MACRA & QualOptima – Impacts of Federal Legislation After ACA

There has been extraordinarily sparse attention to what is indisputably positive impacts on health care in America from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  It was notable, for example, that during the repeal and replace actions in Congress that Republicans intended to keep the value-driven payment provisions in place.  There are fiscally conservative reasons not to repeal the ACA in its entirety.  After passage of the ACA, there has been other federal legislation that advanced some of the concepts intended to improve the quality of health care while reducing the costs of care.

In our preceding Note introducing QualOptima for Enterprise Value Management (EVM), we commented on both the uncertainty yet striking certainty in health and health care. We considered how EVM empowers healthcare providers, their patients and payers to achieve optimal outcomes and valuable personalized care safely. The certainty is that America is and must change how healthcare providers are paid.  This radical change in paying for health care is what has become certain in a survive, thrive or perish free enterprise system.

In the certainty of what will be the new payment system, value-driven payment must be the urgent priority and strategy.  This is the business case for Quture introducing EVM implemented with the QualOptima Health Informatics Platform (PaaS), using Health Data Science by Value Data Centers.  Quture transforms an output- volume-based enterprise into an impact and outcome-driven enterprise.

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ENTERPRISE VALUE MANAGEMENT Integrating Value Management with Corporate Strategy

Quture introduces Enterprise Value Management (EVM) implemented with the QualOptima Health Informatics Platform (PaaS), using Health Data Science by Value Data Centers.  EVM empowers healthcare providers, their patients and payers to achieve optimal outcomes and valuable personalized care safely. Quture transforms an output- volume-based enterprise into an impact and outcome-driven enterprise.

EVM is Quture’s informatics system for aligning advanced analytics of clinical, operational and financial data in relationships defined by data models with the healthcare organization’s strategic plan.  The goal of EVM is to define “value” in the delivery of health care – the deliverable.  Quture envisions QualOptima as the free-enterprise solution to improving health and healthcare outcomes while reducing costs. Quture is positioned through its disruptive technology to become the foremost global provider of value-based clinical intelligence and knowledge solutions centered in EVM.

By eliminating information silos to organize initiatives around value-delivery, healthcare value-based organizations can become leading-edge, value-based learning organizations that accomplish their vision, missions and strategies to dominate their markets. Quture’s QualOptima Health Informatics Platform eliminates information silos by implementing a common data platform with innovative technologies to measure quality and cost, the essential components of value.  EVM aligns quality and cost measurement with organizational vision and strategy, engages stakeholders at broad levels, and measure customer value as their perception of their outcome.

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Quture Announces Enterprise Value Management Strategic Priorities & Timelines

Quture has been on a consistent straight line in the development of its product, the QualOptima Health Informatics Platform, which implements our vision, core competencies and value proposition.  Quture’s business and strategic plans have evolved over this time. Simultaneously, our technologies exponentially advanced to deliver our vision.  However, external forces required readjustments in our priorities and timelines from these federal and state governmental impacts on the market.

When we launched Quture in 2011, the reverse merger that created QUTR as a publicly traded company, we introduced the Quture plan to solve barriers to quality medical care, reducing exorbitant costs and optimal outcomes.  In business plan lingo, what is known as the “problem” must first be accurately and adequately identified and described.

Quture analyzed the problem in health care summarized in The Missing 5 graphic.  We have presented the solution to these barriers systematically in our public statements, which we now need to explain further in the context of the Quture solution: ENTERPRISE VALUE MANAGEMENT.

Quture today introduces Enterprise Value Management (EVM), implemented with the QualOptima Health Informatics Platform (PaaS), using Health Data Science by Value Data Centers.  EVM empowers healthcare providers, as well as their patients and payers to achieve optimal outcomes, value and patient safety. Quture transforms an output- volume-based enterprise into an impact and outcome-driven enterprise. The fundamental power of EVM is to monitor the healthcare organization’s strategic plan using scientifically significant and precise measures – metrics that matter.

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Quture Announces Kim Halvorson Chief Operating Officer

Quture International

Quture International

Quture Enlists a Seasoned Healthcare Executive as COO for Transition to the QualOptima Health Informatics Platform for Optimal Performance and Outcomes to Transform Payment & Delivery Systems and Personalized Precision Health

DAYTONA BEACH, FL–(Marketwired – Jul 27, 2017) – Quture International, Inc. (OTC PINK: QUTR) the proven and experienced clinical performance and outcome analytics and solutions company in American healthcare, now with global capability, today announced the appointment of Kim Halvorson, CHAM, as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Ms. Halvorson’s extraordinary and distinguished expertise and experience uniquely matches the opportunities of Quture. She is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur and problem solver with CEO experience in all aspects of a start up from taking a company public to managing the process of overseeing a public company. Her vast proven skills include managing all aspects of public fillings, shareholder relations, and managed audits. Simultaneously, sales and marketing are her passion, especially applied to every aspect of managing a growing venture or part of a large organization. Ms. Halvorson’s extensive networking relationships and skills stem from handling corporate development of large corporate accounts, such as her previous position with Dell Computer Corporation as Strategic Alliance Manager, to successful startup corporate development.

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QualOptima Health Informatics Platform

QualOptima Health Informatics Platform



Quture is a health informatics company that empowers patients, providers and payers (P³) for data-driven decisions (D³).  The complexity and inherent competing interests of all constituents of health care for the health, well-being and economic future of America will be solved by Quture’s free-enterprise QualOptima Health Informatics Platform.


A trusted and extraordinarily accomplished business colleague recently met with me to discuss a specific application of our QualOptima software system for medical errors and risk management.  After reviewing extensive materials and an hour of discussion, he observed “you are a technology company.”  “No,” I responded, “we are an informatics company.”

To succeed, a business endeavor must clearly understand its vision, revenue model and value proposition.  When we invented QualOptima back in 2011, we saw our invention as the then popular change from licensing software for local (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) installation and licensing to licensing in the cloud – “Software as a System” (SaaS).  The rapid acceleration of business and technology changes.  These changes and the uncertainties of the healthcare market have necessitated our strategies.

Quture International (QUTR) (“Q”) is now transforming not only our thinking but our QualOptima product to “Platform as a System,” (PaaS) as our revenue model.  The following discussion explains Q’s QualOptima Health Informatics Platform.

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HIMSS 2017 at the InterSystems Booth


Quture’s investors often wonder why Quture attends the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conferences.  Those we work with know the answer, because the rapidly accelerating changes in healthcare information systems demand constant attention to where the market is going, who are the dominant and emerging players, pricing and revenue structures, revenue and investment capital opportunities, IT technology needs for QualOptima, and promoting our presence in this massive market.  Of course, we focus primarily on our existing relationships with customers, potential customers, potential strategic partners or alliances, and, especially, our application and strategic partners.

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The QualOptima Universal Informatics Platform


Congress and the President struggle to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). What Americans need for their health and healthcare, as well as those who provide and pay for it, seem lost in rhetoric. This is not a political debate but vague unscientific dialogue centered on words like “access” rather than what that means to patients seeking health care.  It is painfully clear that there are too many pressures for all the wrong reasons to achieve the legislative solutions so urgently needed.  Fundamental to our dilemma is the failure to understand and acknowledge the problems, without which there will be no successful solutions.

While the central issue is whether quality health care is a right or a privilege, the underlying considerations are simply financial.  A basic tenet of business to achieve a solution is to identify the problem, the need of the market.  One of the reasons that health care and health are such enigmas to identify the solution is that the problem is multifactorial and complex with competing constituencies.  Unraveling the ACA is difficult because it addresses this complexity and the linkages in its provisions.  ACA provisions do not merely focus on insurance coverage and finance; remarkably they had begun to solve the costs, quality and outcomes of care.

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HFACS value for Healthcare

Quture Medical Malpractice Claims Model: (HFACS 9 install)

Quture embeds HFACS in QualOptima as an integral classification and causation nanocodes system.  QualOptima is available to healthcare providers to integrate quality management, risk management and credentialing on its unified database with analytics technology as Quture’s innovative and transformative Value Data Center.  QualOptima is an extraordinary experiential learning platform, designed for organizational, clinician and patient learning to achieve optimal outcomes.

One use of QualOptima is to reduce medical errors and transform patient safety processes.  Quture offers medical malpractice insurers and healthcare organization self-insured trusts the capability to:

  • learn from errors based on aggregated data;
  • embed proven intervention strategies into optimal clinical processes;
  • calculate, track and report accurate adverse events data;
  • coordinate risk management and insurer claims management processes;
  • devise and implement healthcare provider disclosures with patients;
  • report (transparent) errors as regulators’ requirements evolve;
  • manage claims and defense settlements and trials, and
  • achieve better measurement and data-driven decisions for granting clinical practitioner privileges based on current clinical competence, exceeding FPPE-OPPE standards.
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Quture International

Learning from Medical Malpractice Claims (HFACS,Part 8):

Martin Makary, in his recent article[1] “Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US.”  He begins with his observations: “The science of safety has matured to describe how communication breakdowns, diagnostic errors, poor judgment, and inadequate skill can directly result in patient harm and death.”

Dr. Makary’s perspectives of human factors in medical errors mirrors the positions of learning from errors and scientific approach of Quture.  He observes: “Human error is inevitable. Although we cannot eliminate human error, we can better measure the problem to design safer systems mitigating its frequency, visibility, and consequences.”

Quture advocates the strategy for hospitals to carry out a rapid and efficient independent investigation into deaths to determine the potential contribution of error, the very same words as Dr. Makary. He proposes a root cause analysis approach medico-legal protections to maintain anonymity would enable local earning while using. QualOptima HFCAS introduces a standardized data collection and reporting processes; such a standardized and common database is essential to an accurate national picture of the problem, its causes and solutions.

Healthcare Science

Healthcare Science

Optimal outcomes, clinical, operational and financial, depend upon creating a culture of learning from mistakes.   The Institute of Medicine’s goal of creating learning health systems depends upon advancing the science of safety.  Dr. Makary concludes his article stating: “To achieve more reliable health care systems, the science of improving safety should benefit from sharing data nationally and internationally, in the same way as clinicians share research and innovation about coronary artery disease, melanoma, and influenza. Sound scientific methods, beginning with an assessment of the problem, are critical to approaching any health threat to patients. The problem of medical error should not be exempt from this scientific approach. More appropriate recognition of the role of medical error in patient death could heighten awareness and guide both collaborations and capital investments in research and prevention.”

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