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At A Glance

Quture At A Glance

q_iconQuture technology products and solutions as services are based on our patented clinical intelligence system embedded in QualOptima to electronically capture performance and outcomes measures calibrated by patient-specific predictive factors. Quture’s products and services deliver the most effective use of data and technology to optimize value and outcomes by improving patient care and achieving and maintaining health. Quture’s first-to-market clinical intelligence software is the complete solution for all constituents in the health and health care ecosystem Quture Profile Infographic to achieve optimal clinical, financial, operational, and health outcomes.

Q’s QualOptima Connectivity & Analytics System is the strategic data and analytics layer that electronically collects information [both structured and unstructured data] from disparate databases. This strategic clinical intelligence system augments the tactical EHR (electronic health record) for value optimization for each customer segment in the health and health care ecosystem.

QualOptima’s strategic and big data analytics include predictive modeling solutions from its powerful Qualytx database. Q’s QualOptima integrates existing healthcare information with patient-generated data from remote monitoring devices and smartphones / smartwatches for users to achieve optimal wellness and fitness, while restructuring healthcare data into care plans and life plans, on its patient engagement platform. The ehealth and telemedicine functionality empower the new medical model of Quture’s DaTA (Diagnosis Treatment Assessment) method.

QualOptima is a retrospective compliance technology, relying on Quture’s embedded clinical content and analytics. Beyond compliance, QualOptima is a real-time patient management system that connects all customer segments to the value-driven information needed for better decisions, better health, and better outcomes.